Toronto Beach – Water Plant – Motorcycle Crash

May 3, 2018

I’ve missed you all, dearly.

WHOA – First vlog of 2018/19 We go to the Beach and visit the Water Treatment Plant and then this dude comes to say hi by CRASHING next to me. Unfortunately, I just shut the camera off, so I only caught the end of it all !!!!

Bike – 2009 Yamaha FZ6R Cadmium Yellow
Camera – Sony ActionCam / GoPro Hero 3+ Silver
Mic – eBay lapel mic

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2 thoughts on “Toronto Beach – Water Plant – Motorcycle Crash

  1. Desiree Morris says:

    Having other bikers to ride with would help your viewership maybe. Dialog from multiple people plus silly antics makes for a livelier video. For instance check out Suburban Delinquent, Fooligan, etc. If your area is like mine it’s hard to find someone to ride with unless I’m willing to travel. Best of luck. I’ll keep watching for your next video.

  2. Brett Adams says:

    Welcome back!
    Stick with the yellow theme…. sponsored by Mustard.
    Containers of used motor oil you can take to a Canadian Tire auto shop and they take it off your hands.

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